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09040 Serdiana | Cagliari | Sardegna | Italy
Loc. Sa Perdera | SS 466 km. 10,100

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Audarya® is located in the area of Serdiana, in the southern part of the Campidano, twenty kilometres from Cagliari.
Since ancient times, this land has been known as the ideal place for the production of the finest wines.

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Audarya Family

salvatore pala audarya

Salvatore Pala

Born and raised in the vineyard, Salvatore has been leading the company from day one with his sister Nicoletta and father Enrico, quickly turning it into a prominent brand in Sardinian winemaking.

Nicoletta Pala Audarya

Nicoletta Pala

Nicoletta studied Economics. She is a “Woman of wine”. From day one alongside her brother Salvatore, she is the driving force behind Audarya both in Italy and abroad.

Enrico Pala Audarya

Enrico Pala

Experience and memory. He has always been a man of the vineyard and a man of wine. He has passed on all his knowledge and philosophy to his children, and today he looks with satisfaction at the results.

Beatrice ragazzo audarya

Beatrice Ragazzo

Beatrice earned a degree in Law. She is a “Woman of Wine” and is the efficient internal engine of the company, the one who makes everything work.


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Come visit us

Audarya is the venue of many visits. We organize guided tours in the winery and the vineyards that end with a tasting of wines and local products. You can call or email us to book a visit, we are always glad to open the doors of the winery to show our ideas about company and wines.

Loc. Sa Perdera | SS 466 km. 10,100
09040 Serdiana | Cagliari | Sardegna | Italy