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Cannonau di Sardegna

 Controlled Designation of Origin

Il Vino

di Sardegna

If there is anyone who deserves to be called king, that’s him: a strong and elegant sovereign, proud and noble, respected and loved. He knows how to live, the king, a deep and meditative thinker, the knowledge of making his own history. His majesty, the Cannonau.
cannonau Audarya vino rosso


di Sardegna DOC

Classification: Cannonau di Sardegna
D.O.C (Controlled designation of origin)
Grape varieties: Cannonau 100%
Place of origin: Is Crabilis estate – Ussana
Soil: clay-limestone soil at about 160 meters above sea level
Climate: mediterranean, mild winters with limited rainfalls; sunny and windy summers
Average age of the vineyard: 25 years
Training system: espaliered bushes. Implantation density of 5000 plants per ha and production of 50-60 quintals
Harvesting: by hand, in small baskets of 20 kg each ones and grapes selection in the
wine cellar.
Season: flast week of October
Winemaking procedure: Long fermentation-maceration for about 30 days atcontrolled temperature 25°; malolactic fermentation and following refinement of
only first press wine in stainless steel temperature-controlled vats in order to enhance its original characteristics.
Tasting notes:
Colour: Intense ruby red
Nose: slightly spicy with hints of very ripe red fruit
Palate: well-structured, warm and persistent
Storage: protected from light/ controlled light, horizontal bottle, constant temperature 17°C, Humidity 70%. Serving temperature 16°
Food Matches: cured meats, first courses with tasty condiments, sardinian Pecorino cheese with medium or long matured. Roast pig or lamb with mirtle and juniper berries, beef with sauce and wine.
cannonau Sardegna doc audarya vino rosso