Audarya - Viticoltori in Sardegna



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09040 Serdiana | Cagliari | Sardegna | Italy
Loc. Sa Perdera | SS 466 km. 10,100


4 estates: Audarya, Acquasassa, Su stani, Is Crabilis.

We cultivate native varieties of grapes, from Sardinia and the area of Cagliari, in Integrated Farming.

The bush vines are all head-trained, short-espaliered, in the traditional Sardinian way. The average age of the vineyards is over 20 years, and the majority of these where planted by Enrico and his father.

The altitude is about 150/200 masl and the expositions have been studied to favour a healthy growth of the vines.

Every estate has unique terroirs, characterized by limestone, marl, and clay.

The sea air of the Gulf has its influence, and gives unique characteristic.

Salvatore and Enrico take care of the vineyards first-hand, supported by the wine producers of Seridiana, who have always worked with the family.

Our estates


The Audarya estate covers an area of 9 hectares.

It is the heart of the company, right here, immersed in the green, is located our vineyard. Situated about 200 meters above sea level, it is surronded by a fantastic landscape.

In this estate are cultivated: Cannonau, Bovale, Vermentino e Malvasia.


The Acquasassa estate is mostly composed of clay-limestone soil and it extends for 6 hectares in a hilly area, situated at a height about 160 meters above the sea level.

Su Stani

La tenuta Su Stani prende il nome dal famoso stagno “Su Stani Saliu”, uno stagno di acqua salata situato a pochi passi dalla tenuta.

The Su Stani estate covers a surface of 23 hectares and it is located on a hill. The terrain enjoys a sandy soil and a micro-climate, the perfect place for the production of traditional sardinian grape varieties.

Is Crabilis

The Is Crabilis estate is located in the countryside of Ussana and it streches for about 12 hectares on a calcareous-sandy hill, at an height of 200 meters a.s.l.