Audarya - Viticoltori in Sardegna



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09040 Serdiana | Cagliari | Sardegna | Italy
Loc. Sa Perdera | SS 466 km. 10,100

we see wine and we think of the world

Audarya® means “nobility of the soul”, in an ancient oriental language.

It’s the name of our company because at the centre of what we are there is respect.

We make wines tied to the territory, with native grape varieties, but modern, for a spirited and curious public.

Audarya® looks to the tradition, with a new look.

Leading the business are Salvatore and Nicoletta, the new generation, with the vital contribution of their father Enrico’s experience.

In few years, they have made Audarya® a well-known brand, appreciated in Italy and abroad, ambassador of a way of making wine in Sardinia, modern and traditional at the same time.